Director of Sprout Tutoring Lena Phillips is a qualified Primary School Teacher and proud Mum who is passionate about supporting parents in best supporting their children. Lena has 12 years experience as a Primary School Tutor and over 9 years experience as a classroom teacher.

Sprout Tutoring was created as Lena believes deeply in the need for children to be given the opportunity to think, learn and grow within a quality learning environment to foster intrinsic motivation and a passion for learning.

Working one on one with children allows for strong connections to be made and educational programs to reflect real life experiences, relevance and significance which facilitates a deep understanding of concepts.

As a classroom teacher, Lena successfully identified strategies to engage the diverse learners in the classroom and school community. She worked collaboratively within schools across all year levels to execute explicit teaching and learning strategies, in order to compliment the class program and enhance achievements of individual students.

Sprout Tutoring aims to foster positive attitudes towards education for both students and parents and assist in generating a beneficial connection between the school and home.

Lena works with qualified, passionate tutors to design, implement and assess Individual Education Programs to individualise learning outcomes to meet children’s needs and ensure quality teaching/learning experiences. It is important to recognise that differentiation ensures every child has opportunities to develop his or her talents and potential. Children are empowered and engaged by the integration of independent thinking skills and meaningful teaching and learning experiences. Successful learning experiences for children at Sprout Tutoring promotes self-efficiency among students and encourages them to take responsibility of their learning. This is aimed to instill life long learning.