ANTI SPELLING TESTS : Better ways to support struggling spellers

This term we have received an overwhelming number of phone calls from parents concerned that their child needs help with spelling. At Sprout, we believe spelling issues need to be addressed immediately. Spelling is not something that will generally just improve over time – it needs to be taught systematically involving a lot of teacher modelling, guided practice and then independent activities.   Children … Continue Reading»

Self expression, creativity and confidence with Story Starters

Self expression, creativity and confidence – 3 things that we create opportunities for our learners to explore.   Working one on one with a teacher at Sprout allows children uninterrupted, quality time – and they just love it!!   We are introducing these beautiful story starter cards into our bag of tricks this week.   At school, children are required to complete original pieces … Continue Reading»

Spelling Strategies for Pre Teens!

We assist and support many students in developing their understandings and skills in spelling. As students progress towards high school the emphasis placed on correct spelling increases. This can be a cause for concern for many parents – and often creates anxiety in apprehensive writers. Spelling skills and understandings can be taught explicitly – and with the right support, children can make progress quite … Continue Reading»

SOS for Fine Motor & Handwriting Skills

Learning to write legibly is a big focus at big school. Despite the fact that most children in 2019 spend more time on an electronic device than they do holding a pencil – handwriting is still a skill that needs to be mastered. As a classroom teacher it would break my heart when I would see students falling behind or not finishing tasks simply … Continue Reading»

Book Selection – How to make the right choice for your child

Book Selection Selecting the right book for your child to read as they develop their reading skills is the MOST IMPORTANT part of teaching a child to read! It will significantly impact the success you have in guiding your child to explore new skills and strategies as they work to become competent readers. At Sprout we are influenced by the work of Marie M … Continue Reading»

Best Preparing for High School

Time flies by and before you know it your little one whose uniform was too big for them on the first day in prep – is now getting ready for high school! Children eagerly anticipate this transition with a mix of excitement and anxiety. The demands of high school are a big leap for most children and its only natural that as parents we … Continue Reading»

Writing Woes : PUNCTUATION

Punctuation A huge leap for students is in developing independence in editing their own writing. In classrooms of the past red pen would be marked all over children’s writing highlighting all the ways in which they forgot to use punctuation! Writing is a complex process and many children struggle with forming sentences in their minds, spelling words correctly and remembering to use punctuation at … Continue Reading»

Preparing for Prep!

As a classroom teacher, I taught prep for many years. Prep students have the biggest learning curve ahead of them as they begin school. As a teacher it was the most challenging age and stage to teach – but also the most rewarding. Although there are no academic prerequisites for children beginning school in Victoria – it is my belief that best preparing children … Continue Reading»

Building Comprehension – Making Inferences

Inference / Comprehension When a child completes a comprehension task – it goes beyond being able to answer questions about who, what, where and when. Language itself is inferential. To build and maintain confidence in working with texts and answering comprehension questions students need to be supported in: Understanding the concept of inference. Identifying the inferences from text. Explaining inferences both verbally and in … Continue Reading»

Go slow to get there fast !

As a new mum I am blown away in the ways in which my 9 month old son gifts me with new perspectives every day. Watching him watch the world allows me to keenly observe the information he is taking in and consider the ways in which it is impacting his view of himself and the world. I am fascinated by the way in … Continue Reading»