Preparing for Prep!

As a classroom teacher, I taught prep for many years. Prep students have the biggest learning curve ahead of them as they begin school. As a teacher it was the most challenging age and stage to teach – but also the most rewarding. Although there are no academic prerequisites for children beginning school in Victoria – it is my belief that best preparing children … Continue Reading»

Building Comprehension – Making Inferences

Inference / Comprehension When a child completes a comprehension task – it goes beyond being able to answer questions about who, what, where and when. Language itself is inferential. To build and maintain confidence in working with texts and answering comprehension questions students need to be supported in: Understanding the concept of inference. Identifying the inferences from text. Explaining inferences both verbally and in … Continue Reading»

Go slow to get there fast !

As a new mum I am blown away in the ways in which my 9 month old son gifts me with new perspectives every day. Watching him watch the world allows me to keenly observe the information he is taking in and consider the ways in which it is impacting his view of himself and the world. I am fascinated by the way in … Continue Reading»

Meet a real author and motivate your pre teen these holidays!

During the school holidays, it can be expected that students may naturally regress, or take a backwards step. This can be frustrating and a little worrying, especially for our primary aged students of 8-12. The expectations of their new year level when they return to school will be increased – we certainly want them bouncing back into school feeling confident! Looking for ways to … Continue Reading»

Nurturing a love of books

That face! His favourite thing to do is play with his books – and this book loving mama’s heart soars every time he does! 💙✨ A love of reading and an interest in books in general serves children well. As your children get older it is important to give them the opportunity to explore a wide range of texts. Consider what books you have … Continue Reading»

Santa is our hero! Motivating little writers!

In the lead up to Xmas – there is nothing more motivating for a child than the thought of being on Santa’s nice list ! Writing a letter to Santa is a great opportunity to allow your child to produce a piece of creative writing. There is a time and place for giving input and feedback – and a time and place to simply … Continue Reading»

Supporting struggling readers with Factual Texts

Quite often, in aiming to support students in developing comprehension skills they are simply given more assessment style activities to complete (worksheets, cloze passages etc). At Sprout Tutoring we constantly repeat the fact that for most children struggling to grasp concepts or demonstrate independence – more of the same is never the answer! It is our experience that students working to develop comprehension skills … Continue Reading»

Homework help is here !!

Homework Help is just $30 for a 30 minute session! Your child will get to work one on one with one of our tutors – find out more!  Does your child need support to complete their weekly homework? Cultivating a positive attitude about homework can significantly reduce stress for your child (and for Mum and Dad too!) Working one on one with a Tutor … Continue Reading»

Mindfulness for Children – YOGA at SPROUT

At Sprout Tutoring we are deeply passionate as seeing each individual child in their entirety. We don’t simply focus on grades and academic progress – we aim to support children in their ability to think, learn and grow. Our sessions are focused on improving academic outcomes, but as teachers we are mindful of the ways in which our teaching practise is resonating within each … Continue Reading»