Book Selection – How to make the right choice for your child

January 2019
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Book Selection

Selecting the right book for your child to read as they develop their reading skills is the MOST IMPORTANT part of teaching a child to read! It will significantly impact the success you have in guiding your child to explore new skills and strategies as they work to become competent readers. At Sprout we are influenced by the work of Marie M Clay and take pride in our ability to match children to appropriate texts.

When choosing a book to read with your child, you need to first make sure it is a book that will engage your child. Even when we are ‘reading for a purpose’, it is important that the child is enjoying the experience as it leads to higher levels of engagement and a sustained willingness to learn.

Book selection should be based on what strategy you are trying to explore or strengthen. A good book choice will be one a child is confident in approaching as it will have many letters and sounds that they already know. The new book should have no more than a few new sounds/concepts for the child to have to navigate to successfully read the book. A correct book choice will allow the child to read the majority of the book fluently.

 Select books that children will:

  • Can relate personal experience of knowledge to 
  • Will be able to confidently approach 
  • Gives them opportunities to establish new skills
  • Dame Marie Mildred Clay DBEFRSNZ (née Irwin; 3 January 1926 – 13 April 2007) was a distinguished researcher from New Zealand known for her work in global educational literacy. She was committed to the idea that children who struggle to learn to read and write can be helped with early intervention. A clinical psychologist, she developed the Reading Recoveryintervention programme in New Zealand and expanded it worldwide.

Written by Sprout Tutoring

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