Our tutors are warm and welcoming qualified teachers, or university students undertaking study in related disciplines covering a range of subjects.

Where are the tutoring sessions held?

All tutoring sessions are held at Sprout Tutoring Centre. The Sprout Tutoring centre is small, non intimidating and designed for children. Sprout Tutoring takes pride in providing their students with all resources needed for all learning experiences. Sprout Tutoring strived to be an engaging, motivating space for children to focus on learning without distraction.

How old does my child have to be to attend Sprout Tutoring?

Sprout Tutoring programs are suitable for children aged 3.5 – 12 years old. Programs are monitored closely and learning experiences are designed to suit the pace of each individual students progress.

How much tuition does my child need?

Sprout Tuition Programs are customised and designed based on the needs and learning style of each student. Your child may need support in one subject or more – and this will determine how many weekly sessions will be appropriate. Our director will speak with you personally to discuss your child’s individual needs based on current goals, strengths, challenges and recommend a suitable program of tuition.

Do you follow the curriculum?

When a child attends school, the school subjects, syllabus and outcomes are directed by the guidelines provided by the Victorian Government.

The new Victorian Curriculum aims to give students the skills they need for work and life: literacy, numeracy, scientific knowledge and skills, resilience, respectful relationships, the use of digital technologies and the capacity for critical and creative thinking and expression.

In order to confidently engage with the Curriculum and learning experiences at school – students need to build a strong foundation of literacy and numeracy.

Tutoring Centre adheres to these guidelines and recognises the important role they play in assisting students meet the standards that are required from Kindergarten to the Higher School Certificate.

What if I have to cancel a session?

Please give your tutor at least 24 hours advanced notice if you need to cancel a session. You may reschedule a session within that week, subject to availability. Should there be no suitable availability – you will forfeit the session for that week.

Permanent changes to schedule can be organised with our Director at any time.