Inspire & Motivate Reluctant Writers in just 10 minutes!

February 2018
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At Sprout Tutoring we meet many reluctant little writers that have become uninterested in considering themselves as ‘creative writers’. This occurs for many reasons and as a result of the cumulative of writing experience that have not best supported their needs.

By the time children are in Grade 3, quite often they struggle to put pencil to paper simply because when asked to ‘write a story’ – they simply do not know what to write! However, this is hardly surprising! Such vague direction does not motivate or elicit creativity.

A simply strategy we incorporate into our sessions (and that parents can try at home) is supporting a ’10-minute quick write’.

The strength of this activity is the freedom we allow writers to have – we set the ten minute timer and support students in writing continuously for ten minutes without stopping to cross anything out or try and correct spelling etc – the aim is to just get as much writing out as possible!

The writing is read, but not marked!

The aim is to engage anxious writers in simply giving it a go and building stamina when writing.

The timer allows students to feel comfortable that the activity will come to an end, which should ease their apprehension about writing. You may decide ten minutes is initially too long for your child – you can begin with 5 minutes and build upon this starting point!

We also like to provide students with a sentence starter to support them in knowing how to begin and to motivate their creativity!

Sentence starters can easily be found online – simply type ‘sentence starters for creative writing’ into a search engine and you will be set!

At Sprout Tutoring we create our own sentence starters for each child based on their interests, knowledge base and age.

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Written by Sprout Tutoring

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