Preparing for Prep!

January 2019
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As a classroom teacher, I taught prep for many years. Prep students have the biggest learning curve ahead of them as they begin school. As a teacher it was the most challenging age and stage to teach – but also the most rewarding. Although there are no academic prerequisites for children beginning school in Victoria – it is my belief that best preparing children before school will allow them to bounce into school with confidence.

At Sprout Tutoring, we work one on one with students to meet their current needs. Our sessions do not replicate Pre School Programs – we focus on early literacy and numeracy, to develop and strengthen skills which will best support them to meet the demands of the current curriculum.

We design learning experiences based on your child’s preferred learning style, current needs and interests – as well as any areas of concern you might have.

Sessions can include:

Pre-writing skills
Letter formation
Correct pencil grip
Line and shape discrimination
Early reading strategies
Basic number concepts
Techniques to aid visual and auditory sequential memory (develops the ability to remember sight words – phonemes)

Our sessions are made up of fun, engaging, hands on learning experiences. Students enjoy the connection they make with their tutor and the support, affirmation and encouragement they receive throughout their personal session.

A 30 minute one on one session at Sprout Tutoring is $40. We welcome students to commence at any time throughout the school term –  session times are subject to availability.

To best prepare your child for school – contact our director Lena today to discuss the current needs of your child and to find out more about our programs.


Written by Sprout Tutoring

Sprout Tutoring is a small, engaging, motivating space in West Geelong created for children to focus on learning without distraction. Sprout Tutoring nurtures learning, growth and development of children aged 4 – 12 years old with customised tuition programs in Literacy and Numeracy.