For building confidence in attending school

Our School Readiness Program is a nurturing, enjoyable program that has been developed by school teachers for children building confidence in attending school.

It offers learning experiences that prepare children for the routines and early learning skills necessary for children to transition into school with confidence. It is also suitable for children wanting to revise their literacy and numeracy skills before returning to school after the school holidays – bounce straight into Term 1 with confidence!

Our tutors are warm and welcoming qualified teachers, or university students undertaking study in related disciplines covering a range of subjects.

  • Develop Oral Language Skills: Active listening, following multi-step directions, news-telling skills, early language concepts.
  • Refine Fine Motor Skills: Correcting pencil grip, early pencil movements, letter and number formation, cutting, pasting,
  • Learning Skills: Listening and responding to stories, quickly recognising and identifying letters, numbers, shapes and colours.
  • Individually tailored,custom designed numeracy programs, learning experiences, games and strategies are created based on the prior knowledge and current needs of each child.
  • Children will have the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts at their own pace.

The sessions prepare children with the necessary skills to easily transition into their first year of school, but do not duplicate pre-school programs.

Tuition commences from age 3 1/2 years.

4 Week School Readiness Program Includes:

  • Free Initial Assessment to determine the needs and learning style of each student.
  • 8 x 30 minute one on one learning experiences designed to develop mastery of literacy and numeracy skills.
  • BONUS 1 x 30 minute  Parent Workshop ‘Strategies to support beginning readers’ Recent research has proved that reading as a stand-alone activity will not help children with pre-literacy skills, be guided in the ways you can best support your child at home.