How to boost Vocabulary at home!

August 2017
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“The power of story not only provides enjoyment but nourishment for a child’s imagination, senses, language development, structure of the written word and their ever growing knowledge of the world.” – Vivienne Hand

Early and continued experiences shared between you and your child will build a strong foundation for learning and have profound long term benefits for your child.

Deep understanding of writing, talking and listening are required and connected across all areas of the curriculum. They are essential tools necessary for children to understand and communicate any type of knowledge. Language is needed for all subjects for interpreting and recording information. In numeracy for example, children need to be able to read and understand questions, problem solve, listen and discuss findings and ensure they are using the correct key words and symbols.

Making reading, writing, talking and listening an everyday part of your child’s life will support them in understanding that reading is not just a ‘homework task’. Reading has a purpose. It communicates meaning and messages, and is therefore a real word skill! Exposing children to a wide range of texts and genres will allow them to discover that information can be recorded and shared for many different purposes and many different audiences.

Exposing your child to all sorts of subjects will broaden their knowledge about different subject matter and strengthen their vocabulary as they explore new words.

Reading different text types such as narratives, poetry, newspaper articles etc will give children an opportunity to understand the ways in which words are ordered in different styles of writing.

Reading as little as two books each night to a child will pay dividends over a week, month and year!

When children become capable of understanding how words are strung together in texts, they become more capable of predicting what words are going to come next when they are reading and writing.


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Written by Sprout Tutoring

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