Self expression, creativity and confidence with Story Starters

February 2019
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Self expression, creativity and confidence – 3 things that we create opportunities for our learners to explore.
Working one on one with a teacher at Sprout allows children uninterrupted, quality time – and they just love it!!
We are introducing these beautiful story starter cards into our bag of tricks this week.
At school, children are required to complete original pieces of writing – and this can be tricky ! Using story starter cards support children in expanding on ideas and building narratives.
We will be assisting children in writing narratives using the correct structure – however at home it would be worthwhile to even just orally tell stories using story starters!
You can even just begin the story for your child – clearly describing the setting and main characters and then allow your child to make the story their own! Jump in and help them as much as they need you to.
Car trips or during bath time can be a great time for this!
Children take time to build momentum with new activities – dont be discouraged if your child doesnt seem to have many original ideas. Model it for them – become a great story teller yourself and they will join you soon enough!

Written by Sprout Tutoring

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