Slow Learning Down – Whats the rush?

February 2019
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Watching him make sense of the world around him has reminded me why I was so driven to create Sprout. Being with a child is a way to rediscover things. You watch as they learn how to think with their minds and their feelings – unlike us adults that rush straight to google, or rely on an ‘expert’ to tell us what to think .

Our little ones are free thinkers and innovative in so many ways – the world is full of opportunity and different perspectives. What do we do with our beautiful, open minded beings? Cram them into an education system that tells them how to think and how to demonstrate what they know. It doesn’t sit well with me. It never has.
I am completely grateful for the opportunities our education system gifts us with in Australia. I know first hand how truly amazing our teachers are. I also know that in creating a space that allows children to discover and explore concepts at their own pace, in their own way has made all the difference for a lot of little ones that felt lost in a system that was trying to push them along too fast. Academic study is important in today’s society – but it is equally as important to mix academics with the magic and wonder of the world too .

Slow down from time to time and remember that learning doesn’t have to just be for preparing for something. Learning is a unique experience for each child – nurture the experience of learning rather than rushing to get to the ‘end’ of the process. There is no end – only children that get fed up with being pulled and dragged along. #lovelearning

Written by Sprout Tutoring

Sprout Tutoring is a small, engaging, motivating space in West Geelong created for children to focus on learning without distraction. Sprout Tutoring nurtures learning, growth and development of children aged 4 – 12 years old with customised tuition programs in Literacy and Numeracy.