Lena is awesome. I will never forget how fun her sessions were. I was learning without realising it. She recognised all my strengths and showed me things I didn’t realise I already knew. Homework was fun, lots of games which turned out to actually be lots of practice… I just didn’t realise it at the time. She is the nicest person and she really is awesome at what she does. Thank you Lena!

— Ty Villania (student)

I was fortunate enough to have Lena assess and work with my son when he was in year 1. She has such a wonderful way with kids, evident in the way which my son concentrated throughout their sessions, and he has a very short attention span. She was able to help build on and strengthen my son’s foundation skills. What started off as weaker subjects are now his strong subjects in high school. The confidence that comes along with improved literacy and numeracy is an added bonus. My son was always eager to see Lena and the exercises and homework were always enjoyable. I will always be so grateful to you, Lena.

— Sheila Villania

Lena is a natural teacher … she is GIFTED with the ability to identify, reach out to and nurture the learning of a young mind and personality.

My daughter (and our family) were incredibly blessed to score Lena as her Kindergarten teacher. My daughter blossomed and thrived under Lena’s care and instruction. My daughter was a HAPPY learner and this provided the solid foundation that any learner needs. In her own words, “Miss Phillips not only teaches you a lot but also makes you really comprehend what is being taught. She is a lovely,energetic and enthusiastic teacher to be around. I still give her cuddles when I see her around as she is one of the best teacher ever! Thanks Miss Phillips!!!!”

— Paula Vella

I had the pleasure of having Lena teach my son when he was in year 1. After having a hard kindergarten experience and not reaching his milestones; Lena’s character and undeniying dedication was what brought my son out of his shell and guided him through year 1. This allowed him to complete the year reaching his full potential. Lena’s commitment to my son’s education was what took my son over the line and for this I am forever grateful. Any parent will be glad to have Lena teach their child.

— Romina Silva